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Our one of a kind twining book Twined Bags: An Historical Finger-Weaving Craft of Native Americans contains 84 photos and illustrations. Over 9,000 years old, the craft of twining, according to archeological findings was once utilitarian. Be a part of the generation that is helping to keep this tradition alive. Easy-to-follow instructions, helpful hints and suggestions will enable you to learn the simple weaving technique known as twining.
Twined bag supply kits provide you with the supplies needed to make a bag using the ancient technique of twining.

Traditional deer toe leggings are used in stomp dancing, a social dance that is enjoyed by many. In this dance the lead male guides the line of dancers in a spiral around the fire. The line alternates from man to woman. The women at the beginning of the line keep the rhythm with shakers on their legs of either turtle shells, deer toes or in modern times, cans. 

Monica Moore showcased on "Alabama Art Seen"
“Alabama Art Seen” is a 30-minute show that focuses on the various expressions of art and artists from across the state of Alabama. Click below to see Monica Moore's interview. She can be seen starting at 08:30 on the video.

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Monica Moore has booked reviewed in Muzzleloader Magazine

Twined Bags - Monica Newman MooreMonica Newman Moore's book titled Twined Bags, An Historic Finger-weaving Craft of the Navive Americans, recently received a great review by Vincent Spiotti in Muzzle Loader magazine. Vincnt had great thnigs to say about the book and has some great things to say about finger-weaving and how Monica guides you through process. The book is only $20.00.

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Monica Moore

Monica Moore is a living historian who practices the Native American skills of making twined bags and deer toe leggings shakers, for traditional stomp dancing.

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